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Inspections at source for machinery, material and product imports to ensure your goods meet all requirements before they are shipped to Peru.

Cargo and truck at harbour

When acquiring goods abroad, you need to ensure your supplier complies with your timing, quality, quantity and packaging requirements. We offer inspections at source for machinery, materials and products to ensure your requirements are met before the goods arrive in Peru.

Why choose inspections at source from SGS?

We offer you:

  • Pre-shipment Inspection: we verify compliance with the requested conditions, providing quality and quantity control of the merchandise, cargo supervision and sealing of the container, sizing control, packaging inspection, supplier document reviews, non-destructive testing (NDT) and more
  • Witnessing test or witness of factory acceptance tests: we conduct tests at the supplier's premises or where required to verify compliance, as stipulated in the product quality dossie
  • Manufacturing inspection: we make sure that your product or machinery is manufactured in an optimal way, on time. During manufacturing, we can monitor operation, material quality, dimensions, paint and coatings, and more
  • Factory audit: we evaluate your supplier based on your requirements to ensure compliance – before the manufacture or order is completed
  • Tests of materials: we perform laboratory tests in our laboratories worldwide to determine the properties of the goods to be imported
  • Shipment inspection: we inspect the shipment for damage and ensure that it fulfils your requirements

Trusted inspections from a world leader

As a world-leading provider of testing, inspection, certification and verification we offer you unrivaled expertise, know-how and global reach. Our qualified and specialized personnel are located at the country of origin, providing you with trusted inspections wherever and whenever you need them.

Thanks to our global presence in more than 140 countries, we are the first choice for businesses who need to ensure that their imports arrive in accordance with their specifications, avoiding time and cost issues.

To learn more about our inspections at source solutions, contact us today.