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Whatever aspect of the fishing sector you are involved in, at every stage you need to ensure that your operations run smoothly and are in-line with all relevant regulations. SGS in Peru offers you a range of specialist solutions for the fishing sector for every stage between production and export.

Specialized fishing sector solutions from SGS

As a world leader in certification, inspection verification and testing, we provide you with unrivaled expertise and experience in the fishing sector. We offer you one of the most modern laboratories in Latin America, accredited according to INDECOPI NTP - ISO / IEC 17025 and NTP Inspection Agency - ISO / IEC 17020*.

Plus, we are certified according to ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 for the scope of discharge control. We are also recognized as a supporting partner to the Institute of Fisheries Technology (ITP)**.

We can help you:

  • Comply with national and international regulations: we offer you sampling, certification, inspection and analysis of fishmeal, fish oil, fish and seafood (fresh, canned and frozen) according to all relevant regulations
  • Meet all hygiene requirements: we provide you with a range of hygienic and sanitary inspection services, as well as food control and vessel inspection, based on MINSA – Public Health Ministry and Codex Alimentarius, and in-line with all national and international regulations
  • Benefit from a range of environmental sanitation services in plants: our environmental Sanitation Services in plants are compliant with international standards, municipal requirements and the DS 022-2001-SA standard, governing sanitation services in Peru
  • Produce compliant air emissions: we offer you fishmeal industry sampling and analysis of air emissions according to the requirements of EPA5 monitoring protocol (MP) and EPA16A (H2S)
  • Ensure your fuel and lubricants meet the required standards: through our ISO guide 17025* accredited petrochemical laboratory, we provide you with quality analysis, oil scanning and tank calibration, based on the standard API MPMS 2.2D
  • Achieve management systems certification: we can help you gain a range of management systems certificates, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 and OHSAS 1800. We also offer sustainability report assurance, based on ISO 26000, SA8000, GRI and AA1000, and supplier audit services through a single web-based information system called Q-Audit
  • Run your fishing projects smoothly: we offer you project monitoring for civil, mechanical and electrical projects during construction. We can help you meet national and international codes, such as national electricity rules, General Law of Hydrocarbons, NGFPPA Standards, ASME, and API, and can inspect and certify your hoisting equipment. We also offer a range of inspection services and non-destructive tests, such as ultrasound, radiography, liquid penetrant and visual inspection according to our EN 45004 accreditation
  • Train your staff: our range of fishing industry training courses includes BMP, HACCP, GMP, BRC and softskills, as well as training of internal auditors and interpretation of management system standards

To find out more about our fishing industry solutions, contact us today.

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** Details of the scope of: